Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager is crucial for understanding the charity’s impact and for checking that we do what we say we do. The bulk of the Manager’s work involves coordinating the collection and analysis of relevant data (be it quantitative or qualitative) that will allow for the charity’s work to be tracked according to agreed indicators. Outputs from the workstream include updates and briefings that are fed to the Directors and other relevant charity members, and more formal reports that are made available to the entire charity and relevant external stakeholders.

You will be an active member of the Logistics and Delivery Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates from the Logistics and Delivery ‘pool to assist you in the delivery of your objectives.

The area has close links with the Research manager, as once Research has identified new areas of intervention or interest, it is up to M&E to design and carry out long term systems of monitoring to ensure ongoing success. M&E also works closely with the Fundraising and Communications, as evidence from M&E is crucial for communicating with current and potential donors. Furthermore M&E is closely aligned with Knowledge Management, as it is through Information Management that effective data collection systems must be established and maintained to feed into M&E.

Improving the Monitoring and Evaluating of our work in East Africa is a key focus for this year, and will play a crucial role in allowing us to understand our impact and our efficacy in achieving EPAfrica’s Goals. Being involved in M&E will be an exciting opportunity to be right at the centre of the charity’s strategic work, while also learning and developing valuable research and management skills. EPAfrica has a wealth of data from previous years to explore, and as Manager you will utalise pool associates to work on data analysis. You will be responsible for managing their work, and for working to embed the M&E processes into a yearly, replicable cycle.

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Ensure data collection instruments (the majority of which exist as part of summer deliverables and in the EPAfrica database are operating as needed.October 2017February 2018
Manage the EPAfrica database.Year round
Identify and develop new opportunities for data collection and analysis.October 2017December 2017
Align data collection and analysis to the assessment of the charity model, in collaboration with MCNovember 2017February 2018
Manage the M&E analysts to analyse historical and this year’s dataNovember 2017August 2018
Produce and present data analysis in formats to be used by other branches of the charity (including, for example, recruitment purposes, communications and fundraising purposes, etc).When required
Report progress to the Board of Directors and TrusteesQuarterly
Produce an annual report detailing main findings for the year.August 2017September 2017


Core Skills
  • Research and/or M&E experience.
  • Ability to write clearly and accessibly.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Willingness to learn new data collection and analytic skills.
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of research and/or M&E within EPAfrica.
  • Experience of report writing.
  • Strong management and communication skills