Society Fundraising and Support Officer

Society Fundraising and Support Officer

You are in charge of facilitating and enabling Project Workers to achieve their fundraising goals. With your fellow Officers and with the support of the Fundrasing Committee, you will drive the development and delivery and appropriate PW training and resources. You will also ensure that the PWs are well supported throughout the year by working closely with PW mentors, to ensure that all PWs have clear fundraising plans and are on track to hit their targets.

As well as reporting to the President, you will work within the Fundraising Committee, and attend their monthly committee meetings.

Role Description

The University Society Fundraising and Support Officer is responsible for supporting PWs throughout the year. This is primarily in terms of aiding them in their fundraising, through means such as developing fundraising materials, delivering the fundraising training, establishing a mentor system, and then advising PWs throughout the rest of the year on different fundraising methods and available grants.

Any member of the University Society committee is also expected to help out with recruitment, training and other general tasks, become a PW mentor, and to be involved in socials and events throughout the year.

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
PW recruitment – advertisingSep 2017Jan 2018
PW recruitment – interviews and selectionNov 2017Jan 2018
PW recruitment – Welcome MeetingDec 2017Jan 2018
Fundraising trainingDec 2017Feb 2018
Fundraising supportDec 2017June 2018
PW supportDec 2017June 2018
Events and socialsSept 2017June 2018

Organisational Development Activities

  • Work with the other University Society Fundraising and PW Support Officers to improve the quality and utility of the fundraising resources that we provide to Project Workers.
  • Supporting society fundraising for Central Pots.


Core Skills
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
Desirable Skills
  • Previous experience of applying to grants
  • Previous experience of training people/ running group meetings