Communications Manager

Communications Manager

As Communications Manager, you lead and champion effective internal communication and manage the messaging, tone and format of EPAfrica’s external and internal communications. You will support volunteers across EPAfrica to share information with other volunteers, and to make a good impression when producing materials and content or an external audience.

You will be an active member of the Fundraising Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates to assist you in the delivery of your objectives. The Comms Manager will assist the Fundraising Committee to develop a holistic marketing strategy that is based on a constant communications campaign, and builds the image of EPAfrica in universities, with grand making organisations and donors throughout the year. You will also be working with other committees and managers to market the charity to potential collaborators,and our alumni. Communications also supervises our social media strategy and is therefore often one of the first points of contact for inquiries. You will also facilitate internal communications through bulletins and the internal google sites. You will therefore have the possibility to develop your communication skills in a wide range of areas. Your enthusiasm and creativity will allow you to shine in this role, while no previous knowledge is required.


  • Attend Fundraising Committee meetings, and create and manage opportunities for the committee’s associates to get involved in delivering training
  • Schedule, commission and collate content for the EPAfrica bulletins via Mailchimp, including:
    • The monthly newsletter
  • Prepare the annual report
  • Commission a pipeline of engaging material for the EPAfrica blog
  • Own the central charity google sites, ensuring that volunteers are able to make updates to their pages
  • Attend the meetings of other committees as required – to support the development of effective communications (eg. you may attend the Logistics and Delivery committee meeting to gather updates from our East African partners and spread the news through our monthly bulletin).
  • Nurture and inspire a team of officers, mentors and associates who are deployed to deliver exciting and effective sessions


  • Improve the effectiveness of our internal and external communications (eg emails and social media)
  • Promote a consistent and professional brand to a variety of stakeholder including Alumni, existing and new donors.
  • Enlarge our marketing strategy
  • Upskill volunteers across EPAfrica to communicate effectively – and promote a ‘style guide’

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Send out the regular newslettersOctJuly
Deliver the social media strategy designed by your teamSeptJuly
Collate and edit the annual reportSeptNov
Plan and supervise the communication from the summer teamMaySeptember


Core Skills
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Good written english
  • Sensibility for branding
Desirable Skills
  • Graphic design skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Familiarity with mailchimp and wordress