Finance Manager

Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager you will play an essential role within the charity. You will work closely with our University Committee Treasurers, Managers across the charity as well as the Board of Directors and the Trustees – giving you fantastic oversight of the entire charity and high level of responsibility.

The Finance Manager is responsible for all our ‘day to day’ financial operations, either directly or through managing the Project Worker Finance Officer. The role requires coordinating financial activities across other committees; supporting summer budgeting and tracking fundraising with the Fundraising Manager and University Society Treasurers. You will be an active member of the Business Operations Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates to assist you in the delivery of your objectives.

You do not need previous financial experience to do this role as we have an external accountant who supports on all the technical work. Instead we are looking for an individual who is good with numbers, organised and wants to work in a critical role at the centre of the charity.

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget and quarterly re-forecasting
  • Manage the charity bank account – making payments and transfers where necessary
  • Work with the Information and Governance Manager to update the tracking processes for Project Workers on the PW Google Site
  • Manage the Expenses Policy and claims form
  • Embed the use of the PW fundraising policy within UCs
  • Coordinate with the University Treasurers to monitor and validate PW fundraising throughout the year
  • Monitor expenditure and cash flow throughout the year and provide Quarterly Financial Reports to the MC/Board
  • Deal with individual enquiries from Project Workers on a case by case basis
  • Oversee the transfer of the PW School Investment grant process at the start of the summer
  • Liaise regularly with the Fundraising WSL to check progress on central fundraising
  • Liaise with the EPAfrica Accountant to prepare the Annual Accounts for submission to the Charity Commission and Companies House
  • Work with the Training Design Manager to improve Project Worker fundraising training
  • Manage disbursements from Global Giving and BtMyDonate


  • Support robust financial management processes within EPAfrica through the production of budgets, forecasts and cashflow.
  • Enable good financial decision-making based on regular and accurate reporting on the above
  • Improve the transparency of EPAfrica’s finances.
  • Improve the efficiency PW fundraising tracking and coordination / communication between Treasurers and the central charity finances.
  • Research advantages/disadvantages of changing bank account provider.


Core Skills
  • Very organised and completes work to a high level of accuracy
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Numerically confident
  • Proficient in the use of MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets
Desirable Skills
  • Finance management experience
  • Experience of managing a team
  • Previously worked as UC Treasurer, Finance Officer, Fundraising WSL, Summer Ops