Information and Governance Manager

Information and Governance Manager

The Information and Governance Manager’s main responsibilities are for managing the charity’s data and embedding the use of IT systems throughout the charity. As EPAfrica grows and develops as a charity the importance of having good, reliable central systems has increased considerably. You will play a key role in ensuring that the charity’s systems are continuously improved to enable the charity to operate efficiently. Yo will need to be proactive and reliable, and will be rewarded with great personal satisfaction and incredibly useful skills.

As Information and Governance Manager you will lead on knowledgement management and IT activities for the charity. You will be an active member of the Business Operations Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates to assist you in the delivery of your objectives; ensuring they are supported, motivated and have opportunities for personal developed in their role. 

There will also be the opportunity to develop new initiatives to improve the operations of the charity. The most recent development in Information Management has been the launch of the new central charity Google Site. You will have the opportunity to review the first years of this initiative and implement improvements to ensure this is developed in the future. You will acquire skills with popular platforms such as Salesforce and learn how to set up Awesome Table tools, which support our own MyRecords system.

You will need to be good with a computer and have an interest in improving the systems of EPAfrica but no formal IT training is required.

Key responsibilites

  • Attend Business Operations Committee meetings, and create and manage opportunities for the committee’s associates to get involved in IT and Governance
  • Review and update the Project Worker internal website
  • Ensure volunteers have the correct access to Google Drive
  • Update the Data Protection Policy and ensure the charity is compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Ensure that data protection is embedded within the behaviours of the charity
  • Back-up Google Drive and website
  • Maintain and develop Salesforce
  • Ensure that new volunteers are trained in the use of knowledge management systems
  • Implement improvements and updates to the database based on volunteer feedback
  • Prepare Google Drive folders for the summer project
  • Work with Summer Manager and Project Managers to ensure all Summer Deliverables are collected
  • Ensure Summer Team laptops are prepared and coordinate the delivery and return from East Africa

Organisational Development Activities

There are a lots of organisational development activities you could lead over 2017-18, below are some suggestions but you may also have some of your own to add:

  • Add geo-coding to all our school information on the database and link this to google maps on our website/Google Drive/database
  • Continue collecting feedback on the new database and explore new features eg. mobile phone data collection using existing free platforms/apps
  • Expand on our use of Google Apps to improve working practices within the charity
  • Work to develop the new central charity Google Site
  • Implement SAGE accounting software to support our financial management


Core Skills
  • Strong desire to improve the data collection, planning and data management in EPAfrica
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with several other workstreams
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Understanding of some of EPAfrica data collection processes (school selection process, handover process, mailing lists/contact information process)
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of working with Google Drive, databases, website
  • Experience of managing a team